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Chinese Singles: The Best Way to Know If Chinese Girl Like You

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What to expect when dating Chinese women

mail order brides asian

Want to date Chinese women? There are some expectations and misconceptions about these singles. To help you be on the safer side, below are some of the things that you should expect when dating a Chinese girl. Luckily, the internet has brought new ways ofonline dating Asian womenincluding Chinese singles. With a reputable online dating site, you can find thousands of beautiful Asian women. The good news is that in this post you will get all the tips and reviews that you need to woo Chinese women. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know to have a smooth dating experience with single Chinese ladies.

Chinese ladies are family oriented

Despite the influence of western culture, there are some values that Chinese women have maintained. One of them is that they respect their parents, guardians, and grandparents. The other one is that they have strong family ties which bind them together. You are likely to find mature Chinese singles staying with their parents either under the same roof or somewhere close to where their parents live. You ought to get the approval of your bride’s family before she can give in. Prove to her parents that you are capable of giving their daughter a good life. This is to say that you must be hardworking, sincere, and loving.

Chinese women are traditional

asian wife

Chinese traditions and culture dictate the roles of men and women. So, you ought to know your role as a man to win her heart. It’s the expectation of Chinese girls that men should take the lead. When going out for dinner, she expects you to know where to take her, open doors for her, and pull the seat for her.

They are honest

You will rarely see a Chinese woman that appreciates cheating or lies. No sugarcoating or other ways of being dishonest - a Chinese mail order bride will always be straightforward and sincere. It is a perfect trait of character for a woman you want to spend your whole life with.

Chinese women value serious relationships

Most of the Chinese women you are likely to encounter will be into a long-term relationship. They don’t like wasting their time on something that won’t last. Moreover, it is important for them to see that their man shared the idea. So, you need to make your intentions clear to a Chinese lady. Are you for serious a relationship or just enjoyment?

They are not talkative

Chinese beauties take time to trust people before they can be comfortable to talk about their feelings and aspirations with them. So, don’t be offended when she doesn’t open up to you. It’s just for a little time. Be patient, give her time to gain some trust with you.

They control the household

Chinese ladies take it as their responsibility to clean, cook, and look after the children. Gender roles division is strong in the Eastern countries, and China is not an exception. Hence, keep that in mind and don’t be surprised your Chinese bride to be in full control of family chores.

How you can impress the single Chinese girl you like

beautiful asian women

Impressing a Chinese woman is not an easy thing. Even though different ladies have different desires, tastes, and preferences, there are still many things that you can do to make her feel special and loved. Below are some of them.

Try to impress

A Chinese mail order bride will expect you to care about her a lot. Therefore, it is a good idea to express your feelings and show your woman how much you are into her. Make the little romantic gestures, give her flowers from time to time, be a gentleman. Don’t forget to make a good impression on your love’s relatives. That will also be a pro to you.

Respect your woman’s culture

In the conservative society like the Chinese one, it is important to follow the traditions. If you date a girl from China, she is very likely to stick to her customs. Express the interest in her local peculiarities, be sincere in the wish to know more about your bride’s mentality. It will portray you in a positive way.

Dress smart

Chinese women like it when gentlemen look neat. Hence, remember to care about your looks and present yourself in the best way. It is not only your behavior that matters but also the way you appear. Make sure that the clothes you have picked is appropriate for the type of your date.

How to mind-read if your Chinese girl likes you

asian ladies

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether a Chinese woman likes you. If you are in such a situation, don’t worry. Here is how you can perfectly tell whether a Chinese single likes you or not.

  • She picks your calls on the dial. If your Chinese lady does not ignore your calls any time you call, that’s a good gesture that she likes you. On the other hand, if you call several times and she rarely picks, that’s a pointer that she is not into you. You need to save your energy for somebody else.
  • She is ready to send you her personal pictures. As mentioned earlier, Chinese women take some time to trust someone. So, if you are lucky and you get one or more pictures from these beauties, just know she is into you.
  • She shares her personal life with you. There is that private part of our lives that we never share with people. If your Chinese girl is open to share her past relationships among other personal issues with you, just know you have a girl for yourself.
  • She wants you to learn Chinese marriage rites. This is an indicator that she wants you for herself.

How to choose the best Chinese dating site

mail order brides asian

If you are interested in dating a Chinese single online, the best option is to choose a reputable specialized Chinese dating site. Below are some tips on how to select legit Chinese singles dating sites.

  • Check the site’s membership and population. Normally, a reputable Chinese dating site will has a large number of registered users. High-quality services attract many people. So, before you make your choice, take a look at the list of members in the site. Large user base also means that you will have access to many Chinese singles.
  • Check the site’s safety and privacy. Before signing up to any Chinese dating site, make sure that the information you provide is safe including your financial transactions. Also, ensure that the site has an anti-spam policy. You can check this at the bottom of the main page.
  • Look for testimonials and expert reviews about the site. Before settling for any site, check what the users and dating experts say about it. Read as many reviews and testimonials as possible. Doing this will help select the site that will take care of your needs.
  • Check for the site’s functionalities. A good dating site should have many functional features such as instant messaging, video calling, etc. Such features will give you the best dating experience.
  • Check the site’s registration fees and other expenses. You will rarely get a site that doesn’t charge anything at all. Compare the pricing of different dating sites. Choose the site that does not charge too high or too low. Also, consider the size of your pocket while doing this.
  • Ease of use. Choose a site which you can understand and navigate around easily.


Dating Chinese singles can be a fascinating experience if you know where to meet one and how to impress her. Study the topic carefully, know as much as you can about the Chinese culture. If you prepare yourself well, dating a Chinese mail order bride can become the best story of your life!